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Impact Of Expectations And Perceptions On Brand Loyalty Among The Customers Of Cellular Services In India (A Comparative Study Of Bsnl And Tata Indicom)

With the increase of mobile service users the competition between different mobile service providers is increasing and leading the customers often switch from one provider to another provider to get the best service. So, it is necessary for them to know about the customers‟ perception on price, service quality and trends that play a vital role in choosing mobile service providers. Thus, this study aims to find out various expectations and perceptual factors that play an important role to select the telecommunication service provider. The analysis confirms that the significant positive relationship between these factors and the brand loyalty towards BSNL and Tata Indicom cellular services in India. With the increase in the cost of acquisition of new customers, cellular companies should continually seek new ways to acquire, retain and increase their subscriber base. Thus the ability to retain existing customer is becoming increasingly crucial in this industry. Keywords- Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Expectations, Perceptions,Tata Indicom, BSNL