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Determining Role Of The Trust Factor With Its Precessors Upon The Users In E-Government Adoption: An Empirical Study

E-government adoption has been evaluated by the researchers in various researches by handling from different angles. The main objection in this study is to determine how trust factor, one of the important factors affecting e-government adoption in developing countries, affects e-government adoption with its precessors such as perceived uncertainty, perceived privacy and perceived security. A literature review has been made regarding the subject in the study; the model subject to the research has been tested after analysing various models about the e-government adoption and its trust aspect. Within the concept of research, the method of face to face survey has been used and the research has been carried out in Yalova province scale on 586 participants through convenience sampling method. Scales are the ones having been used in different studies in literature previously and in this study, they have been used by considering only the trust aspect in Turkey which is a developing country. As a result of the analyses, the relationship between perceived trust and e-government adoption with the precessors affecting the perceived trust aspect has been set forth statistically. It has been determined that this factor, in which such factors as perceived uncertainty, perceived security and perceived privacy affect the perceived trust, also affect e-government adoption positively. Keywords- e-Government, Perceived Trust, Perceived Security, Perceived Uncertainty, Perceived Privacy