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3-Ph Underground Cable Fault Locator Using Shock Discharge Method

Finding and designing the method for determining type and exact location of faults in power system has been a major subject for system protection. This paper evaluated 3-ph underground distribution cable fault and researched innovative techniques for diagnosing failing underground power distribution cables. In this paper, a technique for detecting faults in underground distribution system is presented. A HV surge tester is used to generate spark at fault position which produces noise and vibrations in fault site set and exact fault point is located by detecting the fault.The surge wave device is basically high voltage pulse generator consisting of a dc power supply, high voltage capacitor. The power supply is used to charge the capacitor into the cable under test.If the voltage is enough to break the fault, the energy stored into the capacitor is suddenly discharged into the cable producing sound and vibrations which is also called “thump” and this device is called as voltage thumper and is called as shock discharge method. The result is found that the proposed technique provides satisfactory result and will be very useful in the development of power systems protection scheme. Index Terms - Underground cable, HV surge tester (Thumper), Surge wave Receiver, Ground microphone.