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Impact Of Service Quality, Trust And Patient Satisfaction On Patient Loyalty; Case In Heart Hospitals In Jakarta

For the last few decades, health industries have been identified as an important role for the community. In the competitive health care industry, the impact of service quality, trust and customer satisfaction has become an important issue. Many people believe that these three factors are important in gaining patient’s loyalty, which plays a vital role in the hospital industries nowadays. Providing excellent service quality and achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty is the most important and challenging issue faced by the service industry, including hospital (health) industry. Thus, it is essential that service providers understand customer expectations and perceptions as well as the factors that influence their evaluation and satisfaction. This research has proposed a conceptual framework to investigate the effects of customers’ perceived service quality, trust, and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. To test the conceptual framework, multiple regression has been used to analyze the data collected from 150 patients of 3 heart hospitals in Jakarta. There are: Binawaluya Heart Hospital and Harapan Kita Heart Hospital. Data were collected using self-administered questionnaire. Descriptive analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis, and SEM were performed to analyze the data. Keywords: customer loyalty, trust, service quality, customer satisfaction, statistical analysis.