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Tsunami Evacuation System For Western Coast Of Gujarat In Porbandar City

This paper presents the mapping porbandar cities of western coast of Gujarat for Tsunami evacuation. The need for the study is to aware people for the hazard of tsunami and saving maximum lives when tsunami occurs there. After the great earthquake of Sumatra on 26 December 2004, tsunami waves were generated that affected coast of Indian coast. Because of this tsunami large amount of property and lives were lost. Studies show that if proper protective measures are adopted, this damage can be reduced. For saving property in coastal area during tsunami is very difficult task. But the most important task is to save lives during such events. In evacuation planning efforts are made to save lives during tsunami. In this paper the past historical earthquakes of Tsunami-genic source of Makaran Subduction zone which is responsible for causing tsunami on western coast of Gujarat are studied. The time of arrival of tsunami on the cities of interest is known and the area according topography developed by DEM (Digital Elevation Model) is shown. The elevation of coastal region of 1 to 6 m heights is indicated by different colours in the map and according to distance from shoreline and topography of the ground evacuation maps are prepared. For some cases it is not feasible to use the evacuation route as the large distance is to be determined so at some places vertical evacuation structures (VES) are required to be provided. According to FEMA P646, the suggestions of VES are considered and according to that VES are proposed to some places.