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Formation Of Operation Script By Means Of Strategic Foresight In The Light Of International Relations Theories

Do we want to take place in the intended place in future’s operation environment or in the place in the operation environment which is saved for us? It has become difficult to estimate future’s operation environment because factors that form the future are open to change. But it is not impossible. It will be difficult to understand the following action(s) by considering the previous action(s). Foresight is needed for understanding. Foresight is to imagine future’s scripts by today’s and future’s conditions that are possible to come true. While medium-term planning includes a 10-20- year period, long-term planning can be considered as 20-30-year planning. In order to direct decision-makers by determining possible scripts of enemy in organization environment, to make medium and long term strategic foresight; it will be analyzed by “The Cone of Plausibility” of Charles Taylor and “A Future Cone” of Prof. Joseph Voros in the light of International Relations Theories, and probable futures will be demonstrated in a more clear manner in terms of external factors. As a result, it has been evaluated that these formed directive scripts will make positive contributions to minimize unclear stages of future’s operation environment. Index Terms- Effect based operation, Future cone, Script planning, The cone of plausibility.