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The Explaining And Study The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And It’s Components To Entrepreneurship (Case Study: Organization Industry, Mine & Trade)

Today there is new evidence that emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the entrepreneurship origin so little extended attempt done for it. For this, in this research the relationship between the emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship has been examined. Fars province industry, mine & trade organization is the present research statistical society with 251 personnel both formal and contractual that a sample with 69 selected in simple and random method and by Cockran formula. Greaves. Jean & Bradberry.Travis emotional intelligence (2003) and Badri (2005) questionnaires were used to collect information. Data was analyzed by SPSS software. Study indicated that the emotional intelligence and its 4 dimensions based on the last Goleman model including self-concious, self-management, social knowledge and the relations management has positive correlation to entrepreneurship. Finding also indicated that there is no respondents’ significant anthropological differences to their entrepreneurship rate. Keywords: Emotional intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Goleman model.