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An Optimization Approach To Prevent Chatter Vibrations

In this paper, an optimization approach was proposed to prevent chatter vibrations in turning operations. Chatter vibrations cause undesired surface finishing on the workpiece and should be avoided in machining operations. In this study, three models were developed. In the first model, the purpose is to predict and maximize stable cutting depths, whereas in the second model, the purpose is to predict chatter frequency. In the end, Analytic Network Process (ANP) was proposed to determine the optimum cutting, geometrical and modal parameters using two objectives because the response parameter, cutting depth affects surface roughness. Optimum cutting, geometrical and modal parameters were obtained without chatter vibrations. The models are developed to help operators and engineers in the different cutting environment to solve chatter vibration problem. Index Terms—ANP, Chatter vibrations, Optimization, Regression models.