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Improving Teacher Professionalism As A Means For Qualitative Science Teaching In Nigerian School

The place and role of the teacher is a general importance in any society whose educational orientation is development, directed towards qualitative teacher education in order to achieve its educational goals is not a subject of controversy. That the teacher is society’s trustees in the development socio-economic, political and moral development via the education system of any nation cannot be over statement. Thus, every society’s educational goals and aspiration as well as the successes or otherwise of the system, depends to a great extent on the teacher, remain a fact which does not lend itself easily to disputes. It is on this back-drop that the paper examined quality in education, role of the teacher in educational goal attainment, means of improving the professional training of the teacher, implication on the science and non science teachers and suggestion on the way forward are offered. Keywords- Professionalism, Qualitative Science Teaching, Goal Attainment, Educational Orientation.