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The impact of political satire show on people's political knowledge, political efficacy, and political cynicism—viewers vs. Non-viewers in the 2014 taipei mayor election

Political satire show has gained its flourishing popularity this decade no matter in the east or the west. Many studies pointed out that through viewing political satire show, just like some other political involvement, people will thereby gain some knowledge of political issues. Political knowledge thus increases naturally. In addition, some other research found that the viewing frequency of political satire show is highly correlated with citizen’s political efficacy. The more they watch, the more they will believe they are capable of understanding politics. Nevertheless, some scholars argued that watching political satire show might lead to people’s political cynicism. The disagreement of the research findings proposes a question about whether those who watch political satire show will have higher or lower political knowledge, political efficacy or political cynicism when compared with that of the non-viewers. Crazy Pot is the most famous political satire show in Taiwan. Formerly known as Everybody Speak Nonsense, Crazy Pot is known to everybody. However, the show has never been studied if its viewing is correlated with people’s political knowledge, political efficacy or political cynicism. Based on this reason, this study applied telephone survey to interview 839 citizens collected by random sampling during the 2014 Taipei Mayor election, and compared the political knowledge, efficacy and cynicism between the viewer and the non-viewer of the Crazy Pot. The results showed that the viewers tended to have higher political knowledge about the campaigning issues, no matter they watched the show via TV or via Internet. However, in comparing the political efficacy and political cynicism between the two groups, there is no significant difference between the viewer and the non-viewer.