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Cause Of Government Oppositions With Feminism Movement In Iran

The social oppositions of Iranian women started at the same time with experiencing modernity and along with the social-political movements. However, such activities have never been massive or have not been diagramed in form of social movements. The present article is analyzing the non-development factor of women’s equality movement (Feminism) in Iran considering the time of Iran Islamic Republic governance and it attempts to explain items that are contrasted with the feminist movement. Results of the survey indicate that there is challenge in some cases between advocates of women's equality movement (Feminism) and political factors. It means that after the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran the right and duties of women and men have been determined regarding four references of Quran and Hadith, the opinions of scholars, the constitution and it is clear that there is no chance to protest. Keywords: Women, Feminism, Non-Development, Political Factor, Iran Contemporary, Islamic Republic Governance.