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Refining The Concept Of Lean Six Sigma

This paper provides a comprehensive literature review on the concept of Six Sigma and Lean Thinking. The paper is aimed at defining the methodologies of the two concepts, and discusses how the concepts have been used previously and the results that they have yielded. The concept of Six Sigma has been in existence for some while now, and although the concept was originally restricted for use in the production and manufacturing industry, it has been applied in many other industries since its inception with immense successes. Similarly, the concept of lean thinking has been used across many industries with success stories. The aim of this paper was to refine the knowledge of the two concepts make a comparison and clarify any misinformation that may be out there regarding the concept. The paper has reviewed several papers written about the concept that are reference in the paper. It is expected that the study will give guidance to practitioners and make it easy for them to make use of the concept. The paper also provides insightful information that makes interesting items for further research. Index Terms- Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma.