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The Needs Of Open Education For Adult Learning; Mooc-Like Local Online Course

The knowledge era is combined with technology, requires that individuals to have higher levels of education and skills. However, there are many people who lost the opportunity of qualified education access due to digital divide of technology awareness, language barrier, and management of education distribution depending on where they live. Therefore, there is needs to organize education distribution that is customized according to the local needs and features of a country by giving people the chance to receive advanced and flexible education content in their native language which can help to ensure people access to available tools or resources on internet. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is one method to fulfill the above needs. This paper seeks to show the needs of open education for adults in their native language, by analyzing their enrollment process and course logs during implementation of MOOC-like online course. Keywords- Open Education, Online Course, Adult Education, MOOC, Educational Technology, Gamification