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Visual Object Recognition, Tracking And Control For Automated Video Surveillance System

Paper presents the overview of proposed system for intrusion detection, track and destroy the intruding object. The system will be mounted at some suitable place from which complete and clear view of the area under surveillance can be captured with camera. Thus the image will be captured; processed and desired action will be performed on it. Object segmentation separates regions of interest in image data that identify real world objects. Segmenting and tracking regions of arbitrary size within a scene allow the application to focus on more complex tasks like object recognition within a smaller spatial domain of the entire spatial scene which reduces the processing time required to identify the object of interest. Reducing the spatial domain of the image decreases the computational resources necessary for the detailed analyses required for object recognition. The system will be provided with a high resolution camera, image processing hardware, microcontroller, two servo motors and other supplementary hardware and mechanisms. Image Processing Hardware will acquire images captured by camera after some predefined interval of time. Then it will process every captured image for detecting intrusion. If intrusion is detected Image Processing Hardware will extract the features of that intruding object and compare them with features of objects stored in database and then desired action will be initialized.