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Organisation Structures And Their Contribution To Leaders’ And Followers’ Performances In Business Enterprises In Papua New Guinea

An appropriate organisation structure that fits to the strategy enables the leaders and followers in enhancing their performances and thereby improving organisational performance. Studies are rear to find in the area of contribution of organisation structure to leaders and followers performance. Therefore, the present study is expected to contribute towards plugging this gap. Data used for this study were collected from primary and secondary sources. A questionnaire was developed and administered together with interviews conducted. The 'T' test (t-value) and co- efficient of correlation (r - value) were employed in this study. This paper presents a comparative analysis of impact of organisational structure on leaders and followers performance using three factors viz., bureaucratic structure based, organic structure based and hybrid structure based and performance and satisfaction levels of followers and leaders. Data analysis indicates that the type of organisation structure impacts employee performance in terms of decision-making and implementation; control the process of operations implementation and building relationships and ultimately achievement of organisational goals. The analysis indicates that organic structure results in positive and high employee performance compared to the remaining two types of organisation structures. Therefore, it is suggested that business organisations should consider structuring their organisations around the characteristics of organic structure, unless otherwise the business environment is recessionary. Key words- Bureaucratic structure, Organic structure, Hybrid structure, leaders, Followers, Performance, and Satisfaction Acronyms Used- PNG=Papua New Guinea, SOE= State Owned Enterprises, PE= Private Enterprises.