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Psychological Flexibility With Flexible Parents

This study investigated the relationships among psychological flexibility, parenting styles and parental income in young people. We hypothesised that psychological flexibility would be influenced by the style of parenting one experienced, and that parenting style would be influenced by parental income. A total of 400 participants (M age = 20.37 years) from different colleges in Malaysia completed two self-report questionnaires, the Parenting Style Inventory and the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire. Analysis revealed correlations between parental autonomy, parental responsiveness and psychological flexibility in young people. In particular, parental income was positively associated with parental demands. The results suggested that although parental demands increased with income, it was parental autonomy which had the greater influence on children’s psychological flexibility. The implications of the findings are discussed and suggestions for future research are made. Index Terms—Psychological flexibility, Perceived parenting styles, Income.