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Islam And Modernity: Two Competing Paradigms

This paper will examine two paradigms concerning the tensions between Islam and modernity: the “Two Conflicting Islams” paradigm resorts to dualities such as moderate/ radical , secular/absolutist, and moderate/ puritan Islam in order to account for the tensions between Islamic culture and the ethos of modernity. I will argue that this paradigm conceals the complex reality of the Islamic world that allows for a paradoxical coexistence of the opposites within the “same” global community. I will then propose a second paradigm entitled: “One Conflicted Islam” which depicts an internally dynamic and discordant world religion. I will discuss this phenomenon with the use of the term: “Islamic Dilemma”, drawing upon the work of Gunar Myrdal in 1944. I will argue for the relative advantages the second paradigm for a realistic assessment of the challenge of Modernity to Islam and vice versa. Index Terms: Religious Culture, Public Policy, Two Paradigms of Islam, “One Conflicted Islam Pradigm”, “Two Conflicting Islams Paradigm”