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Transactional Analysis Group Counselling (T.A.G.C): Immigrant Iranian Couples In Focus

This study is an attempt to access an increment in marital satisfaction through Transactional Analysis Group Counselling (T.A.G.C) among Iranian couples residing in Malaysia. This research is a case study and the required data were collected through qualitative method approach. The sample of the study included a group of 6 couples (12 members in total). The qualitative data were obtained using triangulation including interviews with the couples, recording the interviews, and observing the couples during the sessions. After the T.A.G.C sessions, the interviews were transcribed verbatim and the data were manually coded and analysed. In general, 7 themes and sub-themes came out of the interviews. The analysis of the data indicated the improvement of marital satisfaction including self-awareness with identification of ego state, understanding the cause of conflict, understanding the script, and understanding marital game. Keywords: Transactional Analysis, Ego State, Marital Satisfaction, Iranian Couples