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Design And Implementation Of Quadrilateral Relay On TLS Using NRDE

Distance relay scheme is widely used for the protection of transmission lines. It has many characteristics such as impedance, reactance, mho and quadrilateral characteristics. Quadrilateral characteristics provide better protection for transmission line as compared to others. This paper presents the development of quadrilateral relay characteristics in Numerical Relay Development Environment (NRDE) using MPLAB software and its implementation on Transmission Line Simulator (TLS). Characteristics of quadrilateral relay are realized by measuring the values of voltage and current. The analog voltage and current signals from TLS are given to NRDE through interfacing hardware. This hardware interface samples the input analog signals acquired from TLS and convert them into suitable form for NRDE. MPLAB software is used to program the relay. Program code is written in ‘C’ language. Quadrilateral relay algorithm is developed using NRDE and its performance under different fault condition is evaluated on TLS. Index Terms— Distance Relay, Distance Protection, Quadrilateral Relay Characteristics, Transmission Line Protection.