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“Semiotic Attractor” As A Model Of Innovation Goals Management

The metaphor “revolution in symbolism” (A.N. Whithehead) is interpreted as a “semiotic attractor” of a managed system. To solve the problem of the fundamental possibility of its detection the calculations based on the model of competition of information different types (D.S. Chernavski) are carried out in a certain phase space. The choice of the model is determined by the formulation of the problem of a semiotic nature of an attractor of a managed system. Three dimensions of symbol: semantics, syntactics, pragmatics are interpreted as three types of information and the model describes dynamics of elements with different type of information distributed over phase space and time. The model is generalization of Lotka-Volterra model and takes into account the following processes: 1) competitive interaction; 2) selfcompetition; 3) autocatalytic reproduction; 4) distribution of information in phase space due to diffusion. The three-element model with two spatial variables and one time variable is considered. Results of calculation show that regardless of parameter values and initial conditions the evolution of such system pass through three stable milestones: “mosaic” stage, “parquet” stage and pure cluster stage. The conditions of domination of one semiotic goal expression over the other are obtained according to the model. Keywords: Modified Lotka-Volterra Model, “Revolution in symbolism”, “Semiotic Attractor”.