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Resolving Seepage Problem And Ground Water Management At Kanshiram Multispeciality Hospital

The availability of groundwater is neither unlimited nor protected from deterioration, in most of the instances the extraction of excessive quantities of ground water has resulted in drying up of wells, damaged ecosystem, land subsidence, saltwater intrusion and depletion of resources. This paper deals with the problem that was prevailing in Kanshiram hospital due to shallow ground water level. Depth of the water table in the area is about 3.1m pre-monsoon and it is papered at a depth 2.8m post monsoon. The Basement of hospital which was at a depth of 9880mm was submerged in water. There was a seepage problem from walls also which could not be rectified even after injection grouting. Water proofing which was done at site also got failed. Therefore, this paper highlights the rectification of the seepage problem and proper groundwater management in terms of qualitative and quantitative potential of Kanshiram Multispecialty hospital and nearby area by using Hydro Abstraction wells. Keywords-Seepage Problem, Groundwater, Gr. Noida, Quantity, Quantity, Management.