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Load Scheduling For Home Appliances Using Smart Mechanism

India's century-old electrical grids brought the nation inexpensive, abundant power and changed the way the country worked filling homes, streets, businesses, towns and cities with energy. What they also did was pay little regard to the environment. Unidirectional by nature, the grids were designed to distribute power, not to manage a dynamic global network of energy supply and demand. The result is, today India’s grids account for some of the highest transmission and distribution losses in the world, at around 27%. This inadequacy could possibly become an obstacle to the country’s progress in the years to come. Regardless, a report earlier this year on the top 10 smart grid countries by the research firm Innovation Observatory ranked India No. 3 behind the U.S. and China. Smart grid refers to an improved electricity supply chain using digital technology. It enables monitoring, analysis, control and two-way communication between the electrical delivery system and the consumer end. Smart grids use sensors, digital meters and controls and analytical tools to automate, monitor and control flow of energy and hence provide detailed and timely information on energy consumption. In this paper the proposed system with effective solutions for multiple problems faced by India’s electricity distribution system such as varying voltage levels experienced due to the varying electrical consumption, power theft and transmission line fault for single phase electricity distribution system also various techniques used for the energy optimization along with the consumption scheduling. In these paper we propose a mechanism for load scheduling. Load scheduling is nothing but a smart option for load shedding. We propose a home based mechanism. Here we classified hone appliances into three categories according to their working and power consumption mechanisms. Using the power consumption we switch on or off these home appliances. These all things are done by considering the hourly load consumption. Index Terms— Demand Side Load Scheduling, Smart Grid, Energy Optimization Technique, Non-Shiftable, Time-Shiftable, Power -Shiftable Appliances.