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Optical USB Cable Using Controlled Fiber Positioning

Fiber optic systems are important telecommunication infrastructure for world-wide broadband networks. Wide bandwidth signal transmission with low delay is a key requirement in present day applications. The position of an optical fibers is controlled so that the fiber is not bent at a radius below its minimum bend radius. Presented module connects peripheral device with a computer via USB cable. Optical USB Communication protocol is used for long distances which are used for Communication between point to point and point to multipoint. Fiber does not radiate any of the signals it communicates the way copper based transmissions do. It cannot be proximity monitored nor cause interference to any adjacent electronic equipment. Sensitive military and corporate applications are now widely deploying fiber for even the shortest transmission distances. It is also used in many applications such as high speed cable internet access and optical storage systems. We are going to implement and demonstrate prototype of Optical USB (2.0) system for long distances by using PIC microcontroller to a PC via the USB port using fiber. Index Terms— Serial Communication, PIC Microcontroller, Power supply, Drivers ckt, USB port, Networking.