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Causes Of Global Warming And It’s Impact On The Wild Life Of Painganga Sanctuary

Global warming, the green house effect and it’s impact on the wild life in the issue of intense pondering for the zoologist, botanist and worker’s on environment science all the time a lot of natural green house warming. The other gases contributes 20% [ murck’ skinner and porter 488. Due to the global warming high temperatures will lead to the change in the water cycle and therefore, some places may experience more rain and some less. In last 3 years due to consecutive less rainfall wild fauna get adversely affected all over the world. The present investigation is restricted to the painganga wild life sanctuary as it is neglected by the researchers of the area. It is kind attempt to get well acquiented the impact of global warming on fauna of the forest. Data collected from the forest department regarding the Population of wild life indicated the reduction in the population size of the wild fauna and flora. Keywords - Global warming, Population Size Reduction in Fauna and Flora.