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Rising Material Consumption And Its Effect On Environment- A Review Of Food Consumption Pattern

Rapid population growth throughout the world has increased the demand of material sources drastically. The demand for material goods has increased, which is directly or indirectly having its effect on the environment. As a result the major issue faced by the cities around the world is food security under the continuously degrading effects of climate change and rapidly increasing population. Studies have shown that there will be subsequent decrease in the availability of the fresh water sources and agricultural lands by the end of the 21th century. While in one hand the need for consumption of food and water is increasing on par with the exponential rise in population, on the other hand, the resources are turning out to be scarce which in turn is putting a stress on the environment. This paper discusses how the increase in material consumption level is affecting the human settlements and environment. The paper also goes on to recommend some effective measures in order to curb the established correlation between negative impact on environment and the increasing material consumption due to an exponential rise in population. Keywords - Environment, Material Consumption, Malthusian theory, Food Consumption.