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Effect Of Maturity On Static And Dynamic Balance In Girls

The aim of present study was to investigate the effects of menstruation on static and dynamic balance in elementary and secondary schools girls. Statistic population was girls in elementary and secondary periods from region 1 of Shiraz city. The statistic sample was selected randomly by using of cluster sampling method. There were 380 girls (192 younger than 12 years old and 188 older than 12 years old) and the average age of their first menstruation was 11/8+.6. Adjusted star excursion balance test “A.S.E.B.T.” was used to measure dynamic balance and flamingo test was used to measure static balance. Anthropometric parameters that were measured in this study are height, weight, sit height, and body mass index “B.M.I.”. Independent T test was used for data analysis. In static balance and dynamic balance, we had observed significant differences between groups. The correlation between some anthropometric parameters and static and dynamic balance were significant. Keywords- Anthropometric parameters, dynamic balance, girls, menstruation, static balance.