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An Empirical Investigation Of Student Achievement In Different Learning Environments

The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of learning environments on students’ achievement. A sample of 121 undergraduate students was randomly selected from a population of Pokhara University students. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, regression analysis, Structural equation modeling (SEM), and Multicollinearity. The result revealed that five components i.e. curriculum activities (5 items), extra activities (5 items), learning style (6 items), curriculum aspects (4), management (5 items) and faculty (6 items) factors have significant impact on students’ achievement. The result showed that there is positive relationship between students’ achievement and curriculum activities, extra activities, learning style, curriculum aspects, management and faculty. The findings are discussed with a view to improve the quality of the learning environment and students’ achievement. Keywords - Students’ Achievement, Curriculum A, Learning Environment, Management and Faculty.