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Study Erosion And Coastal Destruction At Pondok-Bali, North Coast-West Java Of Indonesia

Beach of Pondok Bali which located in Subang Regency West Java Province for 2 (two) decades suffered damage and coastline changes thus reducing its charm as a marine tourism destination. This paper aims to determine the historical magnitude of the changes caused by coastal erosion and damage during the period of 11 years (2002 – 2013). The analysis has been done in this study include tidal type analysis, analysis of wave from wind data, and the measurement of the coastline changes. Based on the authors’ analysis, the type of tidal on the Pondok Bali Beach is mixed predominantly semi diurnal by riding tide 120.06 cm. The dominant winds moves from East and North, the dominant waves move from East to West, as well as the direction of flow from East to West. The movement of waves and currents correspond to transports sediment erosion proceeds toward to the West. This study shows from 2002 until 2013 average abrasion rate is 56.8 m/year, classified into very severe damage coast because more than 10 m/year. The effects of coastal erosion is up to 500 m inland, houses located in coastal border have been hit by the onslaught of waves. Coastline change followed by a reduction of mangrove forest area of 3.6 km2 to 1.8 km2. Index Terms- pondok bali beach, coastline changes, damage beach, tide, wave, current, mangrove.