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The Effect Of Pollutants On Land Surface Temperature Around Power Plant

Air pollution is a Global issue which has unlimited action on multiple scales, the main objective of this study is to investigate the temporal changes of air pollutants and land surface temperature around Jeddah desalination power plant. The mean monthly concentrations of Hydro-carbons, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide during the year 2014 were estimated at different distances from the plant using the standard Gaussian plume model. The thermal bands of Landsat ETM+ were used to elaborate the land surface temperature (LST) at three dates (i.e. January, April, and August of 2014). Then the correlation between air pollutants and LST was implemented. The results indicate that the maximum concentration of Hydro-carbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulfur dioxides reach 1.76, 9.14, 182.20, and 963.32 μg/m3 respectively. In general, it is noticed that these concentrations were obtained in August at a distance of 1300 – 1700 meter from the power plant. The results indicate the high correlation between LST and Hydro-carbons (0.9866), Carbon monoxide (0.9171), Nitrogen oxides (0.9338) and sulfur dioxides (0.9540). Keywords -Air pollutants, GIS, Landsat thermal band ,Remote sensing.