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Examine The Role Of Participatory Management Of The Mellat Bank Branches In The Zanjan

In this study, an attempt has been made to the determinants of corporate management and operation of the organization and the relationship between the variables examined. Participatory management components include: motivation, commitment and authority and component performance, job satisfaction, customer focus and innovation that are Forming questions and hypotheses. That is the Collection tools of questionnaire data. To determine the reliability of the questionnaire, the Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the questionnaire used in the management of equity participation of 89% and91% respectively for the Questionnaire. The research staffs Mellat bank branch managers are people of Zanjan. The population numbers160 and115are examples of statistical. The statistical techniques used in this analysis are the Spearman correlation coefficient. The results of this study, the hypotheses to be fully confirmed and show that Components of employee motivation, organizational commitment and entrusting a high positive correlation with the performance of the organization as well as a high positive correlation with the performance management component involved. Keywords – Participatory Management, Corporate Management, Motivation, Commitment.