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Developing An Enhance Awareness And The Capacity Program For Human Resource In Hospitality Industry

This study aims to establish a program that will enhance awareness and the capacity of human resource in hospitality industry focus on Thai tour guides as well as those who are involved with tourism activities in Khonkaen, Nan, Nakhon Srithammaraj, and Chonburi. Focus groups were organized to study the needs and to develop the program; they were comprised of following topics 1) the development of local creative tourism routes 2) search for products and services to increase income 3) knowledge about contemporary tourism and service industries 4) test of the trial program with 430 Thai tour guides and a comparison of the levels of participant’s understanding before and after participating the study. The results of the study showed that the participants have statistically improved in all aspects. The result of this study is relevant to human resource development in hospitality industries. Index Terms- Hospitality Industry,Human resource Development, R&D strategies.