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The Development Model Of Demand-Supply Print Media In Traffic Light Based Of Geographic Information System In East-Surabaya

The purpose of this study was to determine the market potential of the print media in the traffic light at East Surabaya. Factors to be considered is the demand and supply in each traffic. Approach to requests made through existing activities in a radius of 500 meters. Activity demand is economic activity, trade, social and education. The approach made deals with the traffic infrastructure in the form of sidewalks and sales activities consist of the number of sellers of newspapers and newspaper daily turnover. The amount of traffic in East Surabaya studied as much as 30 traffict light. The research method using Model Index, in which each factor is weighted according to their intended, total weighted number is 1 (100%) and then multiplied by the real value of which has been standardized with a minimum value of 1 and a maximum of 5. The results are then summed multiplication. Model Index is the total of the multiplication by 5 possible score is a score of 1 means that the potential market is very low, a score of 2 means that the potential market is low, a score of 3 means that the potential market is, score 4 means a high market potential and a score of 5 means very high market potential. Keywords- Demand, Supply, Market Potential, Index Model