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An Empirical Study Of The Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction: Evidence From Banking Sector Of Pakistan

Non-financial rewards are playing a key role in the job satisfaction of the employees at banking sector of Pakistan. Moreover, there exists a difference between the preferences of the non- financial rewards among the male and female employees. This study is aimed to investigate the impact of different non-monetary rewards in the eyes of the employees at banking sector of Pakistan. Quantitative data is collected through questionnaires from a sample of 249 respondents. Analysis is done using SPSS 17.0 and the results suggest that there exists a positive correlation among the non-financial rewards and job satisfaction. Different non-financial rewards like learning & promotions, trainings, work autonomy, work life balance, working environment etc play an important role in employee’s satisfaction towards their jobs. It is concluded from the study that if the organizations want to get a quality output from their employees, they should accommodate them with nonfinancial rewards as much as possible along with the financial rewards. Keywords- Job Satisfaction, Non-financial rewards, Survey Method