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Efficiency Of Marketing Of Mungbean In Nagaur District Of Rajasthan

The study was conducted in Nagaur district of Rajasthan which has highest area and production under Mungbean cultivation. Merta tehsil in Nagaur district and two villages from Merta tehsils were selected on the basis of highest area under mungbean. A sample of 50 farmers was surveyed for input use pattern in Mungbean and its marketing. The sample included 21 small, 16 medium and 13 large farms. The marketable surplus had a tendency to increase with increase in farm size. Due to immediate cash needs, there was no difference in marketed and marketable surplus. The market analysis of mungbean revealed that channel II was more remunerative because farmer’s share in consumer rupee was highest (91.28 per cent).The net share of wholesaler was 1.85 per cent share in consumer rupee and net share of retailer was 2.42 per cent. Price spread was maximum in channel I (24.20 per cent) followed by channel III (11.30 per cent) and channel II (8.72 per cent), respectively. Key words- Efficiency, Marketing, Mungbean, Nagaur.