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Implantable Telemetry System In A Multiple Stress Animal Model For Evaluation Of Anti-Stress And Adaptogenic Activity

The use of telemetry sensors for physiological measurements has once again established the role of Electronics in the field of Biology. This study presents radiotelemetry as a ‘State of the art’ technology that could perform measurements in the conditions that have been previously made possible only with the help of rectal probes that work on the principle of thermocouple thermo junction. Different animal models have been developed to examine endurance promotion and stress tolerance of substances of various origins. Cold-Hypoxia- Restraint multiple stress animal model (CHR) has been designed and developed in our own laboratory that uses fall in core body temperature from 37C to 22C as a measure of endurance towards multiple stresses. Herbal formulation which is to be tested for its adaptogenic activity is orally administered to the animal prior CHR exposure. With the improvisation of CHR using radiotelemetry we could circumvent the use of tethered animals. Radiotelemetry came as a savior for the existing system, as the results are found to be more precise, reproducible and useful in cross-over studies where the use of animals are ethically restricted. Radiotelemetry system can also be employed for measuring blood pressures and ECG under CHR conditions. These parameters would strengthen the physiological aspects of the studies and would further aid in developing herbal formulation as a pharmaceutical. Keyword - Cold-Hypoxia-Restraint (CHR), Adaptogen, Radiotelemetry.