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Challenges Of Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment In A Fashion Company

the competitive nature of clothing industry leaves no space for losing a sale or customer. Companies need to more focus on staying in touch with existing customers and making them more satisfied and loyal. To obtain their loyalty, companies should become more innovative and come up with new ideas and values to differentiate their brand from their competitors. Multi-channel order management was a big step in which customers were provided with multiple outlet choices to make their orders comfortably and flexibly. Benefiting from technology advancement, Omni-channel took a step further, removed the process and activities boundaries, and set the customers free of being involved in company’s internal inventory and information flow. Accordingly in Omni-channel order management systems, neither time nor location cause any limitation for creating and managing an order, and customers enjoy the high level of flexibility and comfort. This is however a bit more challenging on the company side where the multiple factors and variables come to the play, and make the problem very complex. This paper addresses the most highlighted challenges of a real-world Omni-channel order management system in a fashion clothing company in Australia. It illustrates how the order fulfillment process may be positively or negatively impacted by Omni-channel, and discusses what are the best available improvements or solutions to make the business more efficient and effective while still keeping the customers satisfied and loyal. Keywords- Fashion industry, Omni-Channel, Order Fulfillment, Order management, Retail.