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Study On Organic Matters And Nutrients Removal For Waste Water Treatment System

The water quality standards according to this regulation are provided by the MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee) 227(64), which provides the treatment standards for phosphorous and nitrogen (nitrogen: ≤ 20 Qi/Qe mg L-1, or 70% removal; phosphorous: ≤ 1.0 Qi/Qe mg L-1, or 80% removal). These standards were not included in the previous conventional guidelines.(IMO MAPOR 73/78)(IMO, 2013) In this study, nutrient and organic matters to confirm the appropriateness of the operating conditions of the reactor and to propose ways of improvement. also aimed to develop a highly efficient and compact sewage treatment plant in compliance with the international standard (MEPC. 227(64)). Index Terms- Advanced shipboard sewage treatment, SBR, BOD5, CODCr, T-N, T-P.