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Research In Information Systems Past And Future Direction (2000-2014)

The field of information system (IS) is continuously experiencing rapid changes over past few decades. Advancement in any discipline relies on the existing knowledge and understanding of the strategic direction pursued by scholars in the field. For this very reason, from time to time, investigators have conducted meta-research as a way to periodically report on IS research. This research aims to answer the following questions: What are the significant contributions and dominant research themes in IS discipline between 2000 and 2014? How has the focus of the research themes changed during this period? What are the emerging themes which likely set the direction of the future research in IS? To answer these questions a citation analysis was used and the main research themes on top 100 highly cited articles of three top IS journals were analyzed. The findings of this research can help IS researchers to know the predominant research themes in the past and its trend in future and can direct our limited resources to best practices and better contribute to the discipline. Index Terms- Citation Analysis, Information System, Meta analysis, Thematic analysis