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Line Balancing Scorecard For Production Line In Small And Medium Enterprises

Line balancing becomes an important technique to decrease the production time, maximizing the output and minimizing the production cost. Therefore, it is quite an important tool to ensure continuously improve quality and reduce operation costs in SME scale. When the product has many operations and high demanding, the process of line balancing will be more and more difficult. So, it can be said that the line balancing is the main problem of assigning tasks to workstations. Process planning mainly relevant to generate a line balancing set of required various steps as an attempt to enhance a part of the line balancing scorecard criteria. This study concentrate is to identify a model of line balancing for the pizza manufacturer in SME scale. The outcome of this study defined that using Mixed Model Line (MML) shows a positive impact on the production performance by minimizing the time taken to accomplish the production of pizza and reduced the number of station in the dough making production line. The result shows a reduction of production time was taken which originally from 29.39 minutes to 14.08 minutes. Furthermore, the management team was fully supported and cooperated to an appliance of the suitable model especially the application of the formulas in limitation has been highlighted. This finding is pretty much to provide a better understanding on the importance role of standard time of the production line. Index Terms- Line Balancing, production time, workstation, Mixed Model Line, management team, standard time.