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Effects Of Education In The Arts At An Early Age On The Consumption Of Performing Arts: Focused On Musicals

This study analyses the relationship between the educational experience of the arts at an early age and enjoyment of musicals as an adult. We differentiated the variable of education at an early age into education in childhood and education in teenage years to see which period of cultural arts education has a stronger effect on performing arts attendance. To make an estimate, we adopted a count-data analysis and compared the results with those of OLS. Results show that the demographic variables of gender, age, education, a dummy between blue-collar and other occupations, marital status, size of residence district and income affect the level of consumption of musicals. This also shows that educational experience of the arts during childhood is not statistically significant, while the educational experience of the arts during youth is significant. This implies that if we increase exposure to types of arts lessons and classes, it seems likely that audience attendance among future generations of potential arts consumers can be increased and that our efforts should be more focused on the teenage years regarding performing arts. Keywords- Arts Education, Musicals, Enjoyment Of Musical, Count-Data Analysis.