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Self-Help Groups (SHGS) Potential And Strategy In Increasing Local Product Quality Through Sub-Contract Model To Maximize Income

Poor women in self-help groups are identified by the FGD process and in dept interview has a result of three categories in ability and entrepreneurship oriented: strong, moderate and weak. There are 19 or 54,28% poor women who has a strong ability, 11 poor women or 31,43% in moderate category, and 5 poor women or 14,29% in weak category. Strong ability people and moderate (30 poor women or 85,71%) are supported continuesly to increase their ability in entrepreunership in order to strengthening their micro business. 5 poor woman or 14,29% in the weak category need more concern to encourage the ability inside individually. Efforts to improve the ability of SHG in entrepreneurship can be said to be successful with a strong indication of the proportion of capabilities in entrepreunership oriented is more than 50%. Policy maker who concern in HSGs must to empower technically and managerially in strong and moderate cathegory of entrepreunership oriented. Besides, in the weak cathegory of entrepreunership oriented must be a fostering intensively and focus shoul be on “personal locus” in order to identified the ability and personal willingness. Keywords- poor women, entrepreneurship, self-help groups (SHGs).