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The Influence Of Dams On The Growth And Development Of Nigerian Economy

The kernel of this paper is on the influence of dams on growth and development of the Nigerian economy. Countries in “the third world”, less developed nations and advanced nations recognize the sin qua non role of dams in the overall development of their economies, most particularly in the rural and urban sectors. Thereby, efflorescing growth and development. A corollary to the former sentence gave impetus to Nigeria to embark upon the construction and maintenance of dams all over the nation. Nigeria spent a colossal sum of over 10 (ten) trillion dollars in the construction of dams. However, a microscopic view of Nigeria political landscape will reveal that the construction of dams is laced with a misgrill success and failures. This finds expression in the plethora of problems bedeviling the policy. These problems include the issue of corruption, inadequate funds etc. Consequently, the paper defines the concept of dams and development. The paper is explicated with the aid of holistic theory and system theory. The nexus or the interconnect between dams, growth and development is orchestrated. The socio-economic cum political pathologies benighting the construction and the maintenance of dams is discussed. Epitomizing, the paper opines that the government policy on the construction of dams and its maintenance in all ramifications, is a veritable pedestal for the development of Nigerian economy. Keywords— Dams, Economy, Development, Construction.