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The Impact Of A Balance Snack (Halim) On Malignancy Treatment-Related Weight Loss In Children That Hospitalized At Shiraz Amir Hospital

Background &aim: Adequate and appropriate food and nutrition during treatment of cancer plays an outstanding role in response to treatment, patient quality of life and the reduction of treatment cost. At the time of diagnosis of cancer, about 5 to 50 percent of children and adolescents experience malnutrition. Method of investigation: In this randomized controlled clinical trial, 70 cancerous children under chemotherapy are divided into two recipients’ milk porridge (halim) and control groups randomly. The aim of this study is to find a way to reduce weight loss of the children, which is the main index of malnutrition, at the time of their treatment by adding a balanced snack , porridge (milk halim), which is suitable from the viewpoint of macro- and micro- nutrients. On the other hand, since this kind of between meals is delicious and mushy, children like it very much. Findings: In this study by comparing the results of blood tests in the intervention group and a control group that did not receive the supplement was founded that getting the supplement not only prevent weight loss during treatment that also causes weight gain in the intervention group Conclusion: the index of acute malnutrition in these patients improved and reduces the amount of time children stay in hospital. Key words- Malnutrition, Cancer, Children, Balanced Between Meals.