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Social Class And Happiness: Focusing On The Moderating Effects Of Prospect Of Upward Mobility

The purpose of this study is not only verify the causality between the class and happiness but also to find out whether prospect of upward mobility has a moderating effect on former causality. The results show that although the Lower Class and Working Class indicate significant negative relation with happiness, the interaction term with prospect of upward mobility(P.O.U.M.) changes the relation from negative to positive. On the other hand, in Upper Class, positive relation with happiness turns into negative. It means “P.O.U.M.” moderates the relation between class and happiness. In other word, people who belong to lower class feel happier as they think that the possibility of upward mobility is high. Adversely, in high class, the “P.O.U.M” make people feel unhappier. Index Terms- Class, Happiness, Moderator, POUM.