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Online Medicines And Medical Products Shopping — A Brief Study

Expanding extent of services are presently electronic services conveyed over the Internet. Internet and online websites has changed our way of shopping completely. As we know that almost everything is going to be online. The web has long been a source of medical data; it has just as of late been utilized for online shopping medical products. Now, medicines are also available online it can be order by mobile application or website, then the seller will be delivered it as soon as possible they will provide various payment options also viz. payment while buying through credit/debit card and cash on delivery. Several advantages and disadvantages of online medicines shopping are examined and can be discussed in this paper. Some important factors that should be keep in mind while shopping medicines are also discussed in this paper. This study is one of the first such studies, which helps people to buy medicines online it also promotes e-commerce and mcommerce. Keywords— Medicines, Medical Products, Internet, Online pharmacies.