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The Use Of Multipurpose Bag Learning Mediato Enhance Early Childhood’s Development

It is necessary to implement good planning for the sake of interactive, interesting and fun learning activities in early childhood education. In fact, there are few kindergarten teachers who have not applied the precise concept of children's education. Most teachers are found to have less effectiveness and less competentence in designing their teaching plans to be implemented in the learning activites based on the given procedures. One of common problems which are experienced by teachers is to find suitable and fun media for young learners. They still confound to select instructional media as well as create the learning media. Based on preliminary observation that was conducted in a Kindergarten of East Ungaran, it is found that the teachers had not used a multi-functional and inspiring learning mediathat stimulated children’s interest and imagination. Therefore, a set of teachers’ training was implemented while introducing a multi-purpose bag for early childhood learning. The methods used in the study include: lectures, discussions, workshops, practice, and simulation.To conclude, a multiprupose bag training as learning mediafor Kindergaten teachers of East Ungaran ran successfully. Since all teachers become more enthusiastic and motivated in the training and then use the multi-purpose bag in their teaching. Keywords- Training, Multipurpose Bag, Learning Media, Kindergarten Students.