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Bad To The Bone: Sub-Clinical Psychopathology As An Unexplored Dimension In Business Ethics Textbooks And Courses

Business ethics textbooks and courses frequently explore ethical theories, factors that contribute to ethical lapses, organizational cultures that either promote or discourage ethical behavior, and the dynamics of decision-making. Usually omitted from textbooks and course curriculum, however, is meaningful discussion of sub-clinical psychopathology as it relates to unethical workplace behavior. As personality traits tend to be fairly stable over the lifespan (and thus over an adult’s working life), personnel with persistent, malignant personality traits are predisposed to exploit opportunities for misbehavior when such malfeasance is ego-syntonic. Exclusion of sub-clinically pathological personalities from business ethics studies is perhaps attributable to the fact that authors and instructors are trained in business disciplines rather than behavioral sciences. Nevertheless, omission of malignant personality types from business ethics curriculum is a serious omission in the preparation of future business leaders. Suggested solutions are presented and discussed. Index Terms- Business Ethics, Dark Triad, Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy.