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Identification Of Factors Contributing To Success Of Expatriate Entrepreneurs In The Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] Region: An Exploratory Study

Whilst the entrepreneurial playfield of the oil rich G.C.C [Gulf Cooperation Council] region has several successful ethnic entrepreneurial (EE) ventures, and the extant literature on general entrepreneurship within this region is quite dense, the topic of what factors underscore the success of EE businesses has received scant attention. Our study attempts to fill this gap, and adds to the literature in this area, by attempting to isolate the factors contributing to the success of EE ventures in the GCC region. The proposed study uses qualitative methods, and shall adopt a grounded theory methodology. The results will provide potential as well as existing EE’s considering entrepreneurial activity in the GCC, with a few clear indicators of what critical success factors determine the chances of their undertakings succeeding in the region. These indicators shall hold implications for policy makers too. Index Terms- Ethnic Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Success, GCC.