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Effect Of Observation Of Accreditation Standards Upon The Bills Of Charter Of Patient Before And After Implementation Of International Accreditation Standards In Shafa Hospital Of Kerman In 2014

Aim: to discuss scale of effect of observation of accreditation standards upon the bills of charter of patient in Shafa hospital of Kerman in 2014. Method: this research is librarian from collecting data and as for estimation of indicators before and after implementation of standards in hospitals is regarded as square. As for nature of research and statistical society, the methodology is correlative and descriptive. The data was in terms of types of hypothesizes which were done by estimation of accreditation indicators before and after implementation of standards as square. In order to collect data, accreditation indicators have been estimated after confirmation methodology by guidance professor and data derived from statistical have been analysed by statistically. Also, in order to analyse data, ANOVA statistical method has been used. Result: observance of accreditation standards has positive effect on suitable health services by the patient, offer services based on respect in privacy of patient; receive sufficient information by the patient and access to efficient system to compliment of the patient. Keywords- Accreditation Standards, Bills of Charter of Patient, Shafa Hospital