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Grand Challenges For Hr Aiming To Overcome Crisis Situation

Almost in an every-day basis, people all over the world become receivers of a plethora of unexpected tragic incidents like product tampering, scandals and terrorism attacks. Indisputably, the field of Crisis Management is considered to become a top priority for all organizations. A realistic representation of the expansion of sudden unpleasant incidents in Europe, are the actual news headlines of the first quarter of year 2015. Terrorist shootings at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris (8/1/2015), shootings in Copenhagen (14/2/2015), the crash of German wings airplane (24/3/2015) and the denial of the pilots to proceed to their working positions the following day are just a few. Despite the nature or the causes of crises, they all have a common denominator of hyper importance: human beings. The Department of the HR is empowered with an integrated strategic role in the fields of crisis management. Understanding the human factor in all types of crises as well as how the employees can be affected or harmed, leaves no other path than the HR to set a new agenda of actions and roles. HR Department is the strategic partner in planning, developing, and imposing strategies, within the crisis management framework, having as a top priority the protection, anamorphosis and recovery of the employees with the alongside benefit of the minimization of losses for the company, both in terms of time and cost. These actions will maintain the operational state of the company, protect the employees, both physically and psychologically and enhance their moral. The current article is an attempt of a thorough analysis and presentation, regarding the new challenging role, the HR Department has to undertake, in order to overcome crisis situations. Index terms- HR, Human Resources, Crisis Management, new, strategic, role.